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The Colorado Beekeeper Mentorship (Volunteer) and the Colorado Beekeeper Associate Trainee (Non-volunteer) Programs


Are you an experienced beekeeper? Would you like to share your knowledge with beginning beekeepers?  Colorado State University Extension is offering an eight-week training program to become a Colorado Beekeeper Mentor.  Mentors will assist Colorado State University Extension in delivering research-based information on home and small-scale beekeeping.  Volunteer opportunitiesinclude assisting with answering beekeeper questions from the public such as site visits, staffing information booths, writing for local newspapers or electronic media, and (potential) mentoring youth groups.

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper? Does the idea of nurturing pollinators excite you?   If so, Colorado State University Extension will be offering a Colorado Beekeeper Associate Trainee program that will get you up to speed with the art and science of beekeeping in Colorado. 

Depending on your beekeeping experience or lack thereof, both programs will help increase your beekeeping knowledge and allow you to share your newfound beekeeping knowledge with others.   

For more information please call the Adams County Extension office at 303-637-8100. 

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