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About Master Gardeners

Colorado State University Extension (CSUCE) and the Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCo) have long recognized that an informed horticultural consumer will have more plant-growing success. This success encourages them to expand into other gardening activities, broadening their interests and enriching their home environment. The Colorado Master Gardener program is a major outreach avenue to Adams County residents regarding yard care and gardening information. With a relatively small horticultural staff, trained Master Gardeners enable Colorado State University Extension to respond to thousands of requests for information each year.

Contact Us

CO Master Gardener
Call 303-637-8100 or email us - adamscocmg@gmail.com


Forms & Applications

2019 Colorado Gardener Certificate Information - Application and Training Information

2019 Colorado Master Gardener Training - Application and Training Information

2019 Application Colorado Master Gardener Volunteer


Application deadline in Adams County: August 19, 2019

Please email cmanderson@adcogov.org or call 303-637-8103 for more information.

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