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The Riverdale Regional Park Xeric Garden is located behind the Waymire Dome on the Adams Country Fairgrounds. It was established in 2009 by Sharon Moore, Horticultural Technician and former Coordinator of the Adams County Master Gardeners Program.

Ms. Moore working with Master Gardener Pam McGivern, an Interior Designer, and her architecture husband Henry, created a truly charming, graceful and esthetically fascinating network of pathways composed of different size rock mulch. In addition, raised areas to simulate hills and beautiful boulders that form a rocky terrain give what was once a flat and bleak surface the contours of a sculpted garden. Along the paths, up and down the hills and between the boulders grow an astonishing array of stunning plants adapted to the increasing heat and dryness of our changing climate. They burst into bloom in spectacular fashion throughout the season.

Since its inception the xeric garden has been planned and tended by the Adams County Master Gardeners. Our pride and joy, we routinely conduct educational tours for the public. We hope to make the home gardener aware of the exquisiteness and versatility of xeriscape.

Garden Tours

Interested in a guided tour of the Xeric Garden? Contact Cassey Anderson at 303-637-8103 or cmanderson@adcogov.org

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